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Every situation is unique, we can clean from the outside or inside.
No two chimneys are the same. The standard cleaning process
for a fireplace flue would to be to come into the home, tarp off the
firebox so that no soot escapes into your home. The tech would
then go on to the roof, and using his rods and steel wire brushes
would proceed to sweep from the top down. As soon as the flue has
been properly cleaned the technician will then return inside the
home and using a high powered vacuum, remove any soot that has been brushed down.
If for some reason there was no way that we could access the roof to do the cleaning
the technicians are trained to do the full cleaning from inside the home.

How do I know they will not make a mess in my home?

As hard as we try not to make errors, they do occur.
However our company guarantees that we will take every precaution
to insure the safety and cleanliness of your home, from the time
we enter until the time we leave. And again we are fully insured so
that you can rest assured knowing that if anything did occur while
in your home we would make sure to take care of it.


It is easy to understand from the information above why it
is strongly recommended that all flues and chimneys in use
should receive annual inspections. In fact, you may want to
consider more frequent inspections for chimneys and flues
that receive heavy use, especially those venting hotter flue
gasses that contain creosote and soot produced by solid fuel burning fires.
A proper inspection of your chimney by a qualified chimney
professional should include a thorough examination of the
external structure to look for signs of deterioration or weakness.


Exterior staining due to flue gasses seeping through the chimney structure,
broken or spalled bricks (Brick spalling occurs when water goes through
the brick and causes the brick to crumble. The causes of brick spalling are:
water striking the surface of the wall in heavy rainy seasons, close ups on
the wall that do not allow them to breathe and moisture penetrating the
concrete in form of vapour.), and deterioration of mortar joints are all signs
that your chimney may need repair.

A proper evaluation should also include a
visual inspection of the flue inside the chimney. Ideally, that internal inspection
should be done with a video inspection device. Such devices allow chimney
professionals to detect even small cracks in the chimney liner that may not
be seen by the naked eye.

According to the National Fire Protection Agency code,
cracked chimney liners constitute a significant safety hazard and must be replaced.


All connections from the burning appliance to the chimney should also be thoroughly inspected.
If the inspections described above indicate the possibility of a chimney deficiency, then a more
thorough inspection of the chimney and the structural materials surrounding it may be required.
However, regular annual inspections by a qualified chimney professional should go a long way
towards heading off serious chimney problems and the need for expensive repairs. It is important
to note, for an inspection to yield the best results, the flues to be inspected will need to be cleaned first.
Otherwise, soot, creosote, or other residue might mask physical problems with the flue or flue liner.


Chimneys are very useful, but they need regular cleaning, otherwise they can be very dangerous.
Chimneys eliminate toxic gases from your house if they are in good condition.
Unfortunately, they are not invulnerable. In order to save you time and money,
all you have to do is have them inspected and cleaned once per year.
If need be, you might have to repair them.


If you want your chimney to serve you as it should, you need
to check and repair it on a regular basis. First of all,
to find out if it needs any repairs, you need to clean it.
You can do this yourself or you can ask a professional to do it for you.


Chimneys Are Made to Protect You

A chimney is a structure made of masonry or metal, which surrounds
and supports a flue or multiple flues that vent products of combustion from gas,
oil, or solid fuel appliances or fireplaces. The flue, then, is the inner part
of the chimney, the part that actually contains and vents the products of combustion.
Flues can be made of clay, as in the case of most masonry chimneys, or of metal,
as in the case of prefabricated or manufactured chimneys. One way to think of a
chimney and flue within it is to think of it as a structure built to protect you.
That is an important function of all chimneys no matter what kind of appliance or fireplace they serve.


Remember, the main purpose of a chimney is to vent the products of combustion from your home.
That function is crucial because the products of combustion contain hazardous and noxious gasses.
One of the hazardous gasses your chimney needs to remove from your home is carbon monoxide.
Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that can cause serious illness or
death when it is present in sufficient amounts.
It is responsible for hundreds of deaths and countless~ illnesses every year in homes across America.
In many cases carbon monoxide in the home originates in a furnace of other burning appliance and finds
its way into the house due to inadequate venting.

What Are Your Options?

  • Sweeping your chimney.
  • Chimney flashing repairs. This helps you avoid possible damage caused by water.
    Any leak that goes unnoticed can cause serious issues.
  • Installing a new metal cap on your chimney. This is very important, as the
    cap prevents water or even little animals from getting into your house.
  • Unblocking your flue. Blockage may happen because of rubbish or even animal nests.
    If it’s blocked, this metal tube meant to take smoke and heat out of your house will
    not be able to do this anymore, which is a great risk to your family’s health.
  • Tuck-pointing your chimney. This means inserting mortar between the bricks in order to
    repair faulty mortar.
  • Repairing the entire chimney. This entails complete rebuilding.

Need Help?

Call Ryan Wright & Bob Wright of London Fog Chimney Clean & Repair Service: 303-751-6889
We guarantee all work. We are insured, guarantee no mess, and are members of the BBB.

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During the Fall and Winter months, we’re on the road going from home to
home making sure chimneys and fireplaces are safe for families to use
during those seasons.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, our promptness and cleanliness,
and our desire to serve the Denver Metro area. We’ve been protecting our family
for generations, now let us protect yours, with our outstanding work. We won’t
pressure you into anything you don’t really need, and we won’t use big technical words to confuse you into paying whatever we decide is right.


We wouldn’t cheat our family, and we won’t cheat yours.
You can count on that promise from London Fog Chimney Clean & Repair Service. Servicing the Denver Metro area for over 37+ years!


What should I look for in hiring a chimney sweep?

First and foremost – INSURANCE. All chimney sweep companies

should have a minimum of a 1 million dollar liability policy as
well as an umbrella policy, full workers compensation and auto.
As hard as we try to avoid accidents, they do happen.


Check to see how long a company has been in business.
Make sure they have a home base address, and are registered with the state.
A Company should be in Business at least 5 years to be established.
There are numerous companies that come into different states only to
scam customers during heating season then go back home so if there is a
problem they are nowhere to be found. And please if you have an elderly parent
that lives alone; tell them not to allow anyone to enter their home without you there!
An honest chimney company would prefer you to be there.


You get what you pay for! If a company offers to clean your chimney for $49.00 – $100.00;
something is wrong! Honestly that does not cover insurance, gas, equipment and paying an employee.
Remember a chimney sweep cannot shut down your system we can recommend not to use a system.


There is NO SUCH THING AS FREE! If a company offers free inspections you can
almost guarantee something is wrong. Most companies will waive an inspection fee
if a chimney needs to be cleaned or if there are repairs needed; but on an inspection,
the company inspecting the chimney holds liability so it will not be free.
Could you imagine inspecting 5 homes a day and not getting paid?

Need Help?

Call Ryan Wright & Bob Wright of London Fog Chimney Clean & Repair Service: 303-751-6889
We guarantee all work. We are insured, guarantee no mess, and are members of the BBB.

We’re on the web at
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“We Do It Better”

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