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Tips On How To Use Fireplace

When it comes time to light the first fire, so many of us forget that

obvious step: opening the flue. And if you fail to do so,

you'll soon be notified of your misstep when your living room

fills up with hazy smoke. While it sounds basic, if you've never

owned a home with a fireplace before -- or, perhaps,

you're an apartment-dweller who recently moved into a unit with a fireplace --

it's sometimes difficult for a novice to determine

if the flue is indeed open. From one novice to another,

the easiest way to tell is to listen for the telltale sound of wind.

If you hear it, the flue is open. If not, move the

lever to the other side. And of course, if you're mistaken,

you'll soon know it after you light your fire and your living

room fills with smoke.

At the end of the heating season, don't forget to

close your chimney flue. If you don't, a variety of nesting animals may

take up residence in your chimney, and not all of them

will live long lives. Needless to say, the ensuing unpleasant

clean-up is one you don't want to face.


As with so many other home maintenance measures,

you'd be wise to make the investment in a

professional service to keep your chimney in good

working condition. Making that investment

now saves you money in the long run,

but far more important, routine inspections will prevent

safety hazards that could place you and your

family at serious risk. Simply put, coughing up a little cash

for prevention now will save you plenty of coughing later.

Fireplace Tips

• Remove extra ashes before you start the fire, but leave an inch of ash.
• Start with a small fire with dry kindling and a few pieces of firewood.
• Make sure the damper is completely open.
• Keep space between the logs as you add more wood to the fire.
• Do not let the pieces of firewood smolder.

Burn Untreated Wood and No Garbage.

It is illegal to burn anything except untreated wood

and manufactured firelogs. It is important that

you do not burn household garbage, plastics,

chemically treated paper or garbage.

Burn Safely.

Always remove and dispose of ashes carefully.

Other good safety tips include having your fireplace,

wood insert, wood stove serviced, or at a minimum,

replace your stove door gasket and have your

chimney cleaned annually. It is also wise to use

stove or fireplace accessories when building a fire.


Dry Firewood is the Right Fuel. When you mix the

right fuel with the right actions, the potential for a

hotter fire increases. This applies whether you are

using a fireplace or a wood stove.


Important Appointment Tips!

In preparation for your London Fog Chimney Sweep  visit,
we ask that you discontinue use of the appliance being
serviced 24 hours in advance. This just ensures that we aren’t
dealing with a hot appliance that can endanger our technicians.
We also request that you clean out all ash before our visit.
Finally, please remove any objects that are close to our work zone.
We need the freedom to move around and have our equipment close by,
and more importantly, we want to be sure that none of your valuables get damaged.
If you haven’t made your annual appointment yet, contact us today!
We look forward to serving you, and showing you the London Fog Chimney Service difference.


Protect Your Family & Home: Fire Safety Check List

  • Have your chimney inspected by a qualified professional before each heating season and have it cleaned if necessary.
  • Be sure that the damper is open so smoke can escape.
  • Keep flammable materials at least three feet from the fireplace.
  • Place a fireplace screen in front of the fireplace opening.
  • Use a heavy duty grate, and stack the fire to avoid logs rolling out of the fireplace during burning use.
  • Test your smoke detectors, and install fresh batteries.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector in public areas on each floor of your home, such as hallways.
  • Never burn colored paper such as magazines or wrapping paper.
  • Don’t burn plastics; never burn painted, stained or treated wood – the fumes are poisonous.
  • Don’t use your fireplace as an incinerator to burn pizza boxes, Christmas trees or stacks of paper or cardboard


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